Peach Color Code

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Peach color is a really beautiful color. Peach color is a warm tone of red or orange. The perfect peach color code is very difficult to find but there are some proven ones that we will see today.

The name of the color comes from the flesh of the peach fruit. The color is really distinct in its hues and gives out fresh and lovely vibes.

In addition to being a lovely shade of pink, peach color is associated with love, affection, and beauty. It is a very feminine color and is often worn by women. It is a great color to wear during springtime.

The peach color has become very popular lately. Many celebrities are wearing peach colored clothes. This trend is also being followed by women who want to look beautiful and stylish.

If you go to and put a photograph of peach to extract theme , then you will something like this as result. You may of course select different areas of the image to get different results but the overall theme will be same. You can read all about color wheel and various color schemes in our post on adobe color wheel.

Peach color is also very often used in website design , branding material , print material , decorative items , dresses , furniture and much more.

Lets dive into the world of peach color. Before we do that though, lest get over with the technical aspect of it .. different peach color codes !

Coral colors also have shades of pink , orange and red and can be some times very close to peach color. You can read our post on coral color to know more.

Peach Color code

Getting the right peach color is very difficult. Peach is this weird combination of pink , orange , red and yellow. Lest see some peach color code examples and some peach color palettes as well that you can use directly.

Peach color code

A peach color code is either a RBG , CMYK or Hex code giving you the exact peach color in your creative work. Peach is a very classy and web friendly color and you will need to use it very often in design work.

Regular peach color is more of a yellow peach color than pink.

Below table gives you various types of peach color codes such as peach color hex code , RGB , CMYK and web-safe code as well.

Type of color codeValue for Peach Color
RGB253, 229, 180
CMYK0, 0.094, 0.288, 0.007
Nearest WEB SAFEffcccc
Peach color code
peach color code
Peach Color code

Peach Pink Color code

If you want orange color then you can mix yellow and red. If you need peach then you need to replace the red with pink. Add a little more pink and you get the beautiful peach pink color.

Peach pink color is very hard to describe and the actual peach very rarely has that color. Peach pink however, is really popular in feminine design work of any kind.

Below table gives you peach pink color codes.

Type of color codeValue for Peach Pink Color
RGB255, 154, 138
CMYK0%, 40%, 46%, 0%
Nearest WEB SAFE #ee9988
Peach Pink color code
peach pink color code
Peach Pink Color code

Dark Peach color code

Dark peach or deep peach is a more orange in nature. Its a lot warmer color and is used in web design and printable a lot often.

Below table gives you the codes for dark peach or deep peach color.

Type of color codeValue for Dark Peach Color
RGB255, 203, 165
CMYK0%, 20%, 35%, 0%
Nearest WEB SAFE#eeccaa
Dark Peach color code
dark peach color code
Dark Peach Color code

Peach Skin Tone color code

Peach pink color is a beautiful skin tone color and is used to show healthy and mostly feminine skin.

If you are interested in skin color codes then you can read our complete article here. Dark skin colors are close to browns and can be made by mixing blue and orange.

Below table gives you the codes for peach skin color code

Type of color codeValue for Dark Peach Color
RGB255, 201, 169
CMYK0%, 21%, 34%, 0%
Nearest WEB SAFE#eeccaa
Peach Skin color code
peach skin color code
Peach Skin color code

Peach Color palette

Now that we have seen various types of peach colors codes , lets get into some interesting color palettes.

Peach color shades

A color palette consists of the main color and colors that go well with that main color. Where as shades are the lighter and darker versions of the same color. Before we get into the details of various peach color palettes lets see some shades of the basic peach color.

peach color shades
Peach color shades

Standard peach pink color palette

We will start off with a basic peach color palette which you can find everywhere in website design , blogs , social media material and so on.

Peach Color palette

Peach Color palette for print material

Following is a nice peach color palette for print material , some of the combinations can also be used for web design along with an artistic font in white color.

peach color palette for print and web

Peach color palette with grey and green

This is a beautiful peach color pallet for wedding. The peach color goes really well with the shades of green and grey.

Using peach color in your creative work

Peach color is widely used in various creative areas such as design , graphics , web , social media , clothes , paint shades and many more.

Lets see some examples of use of peach color in some of these areas and you can take some inspiration from them to come up with your own creative work.

Peach color in print material

Peach color is extremely popular in print material especially stationery , cards , wedding cards , invitations and so on. If you go to and search peach wedding , then you will get a ton of results.

peach color wedding cards