What does blue and orange make ?

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Red, blue, and yellow are the primary colors. Orange, purple, and green are secondary colors. When you mix a primary and secondary color, you get tertiary colors.

So what color does blue and orange make?

Before we answer this question lets see where does blue and orange lie on the color wheel ?

Blue and orange colors on a color wheel

Color wheel is a simple tool to understand color theory. It gives positions of various colors located in the form of a 360 degree wheel.

color wheel
Color wheel

If you see the color wheel , you will realize that orange and blue are exactly opposite to each other on color wheel. They are also known as complementary colors.

Complementary colors can be mixed together to produce different tertiary colors. So then what color does orange and blue make ?

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What color does blue and orange make ?

Blue and orange when mixed together make color brown. Depending on the shade of blue and orange used for mixing different hues of brown can be created.

Below image shows this mixing and combination of all three colors.

What color does blue and orange make ?
What does blue and orange make , Answer is Brown

Below table gives the hex code of blue , orange colors used for mixing and also the hex color code for brown which is the result of mixing blue and orange.

ColorHex Code
Pure Blue#0000FF
Pure Orange#FFA500
Pure Brown#964B00
What color does blue and orange make ? , Answer is Brown

Depending upon the usage or blue or orange different hues of brown are created when you mix blue and orange. When both blue and orange are mixed in exact 50 – 50 % ratio then you get pure brown.

Here are some examples of different shades of brown created using either blue as dominant color or orange as dominant color.

Brown color shades

Mix blue and orange to get shades of brown

You may produce deeper or lighter brown tones with shades of orange and blue, which serve to give your paintings a natural aspect.

Brown hue represents nature and wood. However knowing which shade of brown to use is very difficult.

Using the right and alternate hues of blue and orange, you may create a variety of brown tones. To become a good painter, you must be able to blend colours and understand their combinations.

Not just in painting, but also in interior design, graphics, fashion design, and a variety of other industries, a strong grasp of colour permutations and combinations is required. Every profession need a thorough understanding of how to combine a main dominating colour with a secondary colour to create a hue.

Not only can primary and secondary colors mix to create a variety of stunning hues, but the addition of a tertiary hue to a main or secondary colour creates a plethora of natural combinations that you may not have considered before.