Coral Color : Everything you need to know !

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Coral color is a pink – orange color inspired by the the colors of marine animals lying at the bottom of the sea.

Nature has always inspired humans and color coral is one such example where the beautiful shades of pink , orange and red displayed by the sea animals are used extensively in design , web , print and much more.

In this post we will take a deep dive ! , in this beautiful world of coral color and understand how , where and when to use it in our creative work.

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What is coral color ?

Corals are actually found at the bottom of the tropical oceans.

Though coral may look like a colorful plant growing at the bottom of the sea , it is actually an animal.

Corals are invertebrate animals belonging to a large group of colorful and fascinating animals called Cnidaria.

Color coral comes from these amazing animals and is a shade of Pink – orange and red. It is a lively , feminine and beautiful color which can be used in background, as an accent color and as a part of overall color palette.

Below is an example of typical coral color.

Coral Color
Coral Color

Coral color code

The color coral is that way a difficult color to achieve by just visual indication and hence it is always better to use the exact coral color code.

You can get the perfect coral color evert time by using below coral color codes. Depending on the software tool that you use for your creative work any one of the below color code for coral.

Color code typeValue
RGBR: 255, G: 127, B: 80
HSLh: 16°, s: 100%, l: 66%
HSVh: 16°, s: 69%, v: 100%
CMYKc: 0%, m: 50%, y: 69%, k: 0%
Coral color code

What are different shades of coral color ?

Color coral comes in different shades of red , orange and pink. Lets see some examples of these different coral color shades and their use.

There are three main shades of color coral.

1. Color coral : Red

Coral red color comes from red color corals found in tropical oceans. Below image shows a red coral animal.

red coral
Red coral animal

Coral red color is a fairly dark color with 100% red, 25.1% green and 25.1% blue. One can use coral red as a background color with letters in white or light grey.

coral red color
Coral red Color

Reddish coral color is attention grabbing color and should be used sparingly and mainly as an accent color. It can also be used for buttons on websites , section dividers , borders etc.

Following are the color codes of coral red .

Color code typeValue
RGBR: 255, G: 64, B: 64
HSLh: 0°, s: 100%, l: 62.5%
HSVh: 0°, s: 74.9%, v: 100%
CMYKc: 0%, m: 75%, y: 75%, k: 0%
Coral red color codes

2. Color coral : Orange

Coral orange color is slightly different than the standard coral and coral red. Below image shows a typical coral orange color.

Coral Orange color
Coral Orange color

Coral Orange has the hex code #FD8535. The equivalent RGB values are (253, 133, 53), which means it is composed of 58% red, 30% green and 12% blue.

coral orange
coral orange

Following are the color codes of coral orange.

Color code typeValue
RGBR: 255, G: 133, B: 53
HSLh: 24°, s: 98%, l: 60%
HSVh: 24°, s: 79%, v: 99%
CMYKc: 0%, m: 47%, y: 79%, k: 1%
Coral orange color codes

Coral orange can be used in combination with white to great effect.

3. Color coral : Pink

Coral pink is another great variation of the coral color. Its more towards coral red and has a pinkish tone to it.

coral pink
Coral Pink

Below image shows a typical coral pink color.

Coral Pink Color

Following are the color codes of coral pink.

Color code typeValue
RGBR: 248, G: 131, B: 121
HSLh: 5°, s: 90%, l: 72%
HSVh: 5°, s: 51%, v: 97%
CMYKc: 0%, m: 47%, y: 51%, k:3%
Coral pink color codes

Other colors that go with coral color

Following are some of the colors that go with coral color as per various color schemes.

Complementary colors with coral color

Monochromatic colors with coral color

Different shades of coral color