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Mini Ring Light

mini ring light

Have you ever wondered how these beautifully lit portraits on Instagram are actually taken ? how a miniature product is lit so perfectly ? how your colleague looks so nice even on that crapy laptop camera ? .. the answer…

Best DSLR Microphone

DSLR Microphone

DSLR cameras have been highly popular for video over the past several years. This trend is currently being carried on by mirrorless cameras. Many new capabilities have been introduced, including resolutions up to 8K, and DSLR cameras can now generate…

Shutter speed for video

best shutter speed for video
Concept of shutter speed for video is a little different than for a photograph. What shutter speed to use for a video ? This is a common question faced by many videographers shooting their first video on a DSLR camera.

180 Degree Rule in Filmmaking

180 degree rule film
180 Degree rule simply states that the camera should stay on one side of an imaginary line drawn between two characters . This means that each character always appears to be facing the same direction throughout the scene, regardless of where the camera is positioned.