Hand grip camera strap

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There are so many different type camera straps out there. Hand grip camera strap meet a particular requirement that makes it really appealing.

A hand grip camera strap can be used for DSLR , mirrorless or even a point & shoot camera.

We will see what are different type of camera straps available in the market and when and why you should use a hand grip strap.

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Hand grip camera strap

A hand grip camera strap looks something like this.

hand grip camera strap
hand grip camera strap

It basically attaches the camera to your holding hand. A typical hand strap has two main functions.

One it attaches the camera to your hand and second provides a secure fallback by anchoring a safety line to your wrist. This ensures that the camera does not fall out if you accidently let go of it.

Advantages of a Hand grip camera strap

  1. The most important advantage is that its probably the least bulky camera strap out there. It just attaches to your hand and camera is always with you when you want to shoot.
  2. This is very good when you are trying to cover an event or wedding and you intend to shoot a lot of images in short time.
  3. For a single camera gear and for short duration this is the best camera strap variety.
  4. Grips the hand and wrist to prevent accidental slips from turning into disastrous drops.
  5. Some hand straps come with base plate mounting and quick attachments which can enhance the function.

Disadvantages of Hand grip camera strap

  1. It can be difficult to use this camera strap with a heavy camera and a long lens as you always carry the weight on your hand.
  2. Its also difficult to use with cameras that have big grips , for people with average hands using this along with big camera bodies will be difficult ergonomically.
  3. It can take some time to mount and unmount the camera in some cheaper veriosns.
  4. Your working hand is always occupied and has to carry the weight of the camera.
  5. Not suitable for long durations and occasions when frequent gar change is required. Also not suitable when you have to carry two camera gears at once.

Other Different type of camera straps

Camera straps are an effective way to mount the camera to some part of your body. Below are some of the typical camera straps available in the market.

Shoulder Strap : A shoulder strap is a camera strap with two points of connection to your camera. They usually attach to the camera’s top left and top right edges. Because every DSLR or mirrorless camera comes with a simple shoulder strap, most people choose for this method of carrying because it is comfortable.

3 Point Slinger : This is the best way to mount your camera to your body and keep your hands free while not using it. You can read all about it here in our detailed guide . 3 Point slinger is very good for carrying bulky DSLR cameras and even two cameras at a time.

Wrist Strap : Wrist straps are best for small lightweight cameras and mirrorless cameras with less weight. This type of strap is okay for small durations and can cause wrist pain after a while.

Hand grip camera Strap : This one attaches to your camera holding hand , its like gluing the camera to your hand. We will see this in more detail in our todays post.

Carrying Clip / chest mount : Carrying clips mount a camera within reach, either on your belt, a bag or strapped to your chest. These are good options for light weight camera gear.

You can read more about camera strap and some good choices here. Lens hood is also an important accessory for camera and can make a lot of difference tot eh image quality.