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Best Landscape Photography Hashtags

Landscape photography is one of the most popular streams on social media. Using the right landscape photography hashtags for your Instagram photos is key to getting maximum followers and likes. Our list of bird photography hashtags will help you to…

How to soften led lights ?

Softening LED lights

LEDs are an efficient and durable lighting solution, but they can be too bright. Most LED lights require some sort of softening for regular use. Various techniques can be used to soften led lights. Using dimmers , diffusor foils ,…

Focal length comparison chart

Focal length comparison chart

Focal length comparison chart is something used to compare focal lengths for various camera sensor sizes. It is an essential tool to select the right lens for the purpose. Different focal lengths offer different angle of views and different perspective…

Crop Factor Calculator

Crop factor is a term used to compare any camera sensor with the traditional or more standard 35mm camera sensor. Crop factor calculator helps to calculate equivalent focal length for a given sensor when compared to focal length when used with a 35 mm sensor.