How to soften led lights ?

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LEDs are an efficient and durable lighting solution, but they can be too bright. Most LED lights require some sort of softening for regular use. Various techniques can be used to soften led lights. Using dimmers , diffusor foils , lamp shades are some of the techniques that are generally used. We will see all of them and some more in this post.

Softening led lights during photography is even more important because the harsh light creates shadows on skin which make subjects look older than they actually are. One possible technique is to use a soft box or large diffusors that will reduce the intensity of the light.

5 Tips for softening bright led lights at home or office.

Bright led lights can cause a lot of problems at home and office. Here are some tips for you to control their intensity.

Use Diffusion Foils

These can be used as a direct substitute for diffuser, and unlike the standard diffusers, these come in different densities and colors. This means that you can use this on your led bulbs or led panels, by sliding them into the fixture.

Softening led light using diffusion foils

The result is softer and cooler shadows that do not create any glare on screens or windows behind you. One such brand of diffusion foil is called Darkslate dyes & fabric which specializes in diffusion dyes for LEDs.

Reposition the lights if possible or re-orient them

Reposition led lights in a way that the most intense light is not directed towards you. This is especially critical in case of photography requirements. In general bonusing the lights of the ceiling helps a lot.

Ceiling is generally white and hence creates a broad diffused light source.

You can also re-orient some of the light fixtures to ensure that the light does not hit the eyes of the people.

Use lamp shades to soften leds

A good solution for people who have LED panels or led lamps on their desks would be using an office table lamp shade, which will provide them with soft and diffused lighting without creating any harsh shadows on their face or causing any eye strain.

Softening LED lights

Lamp shades also add a lot to the room decor. Good looking lamp shads at homes and offices are very popular. Translucent lamp shades made up of paper or cloth can diffuse the light and also add some warmth if required.

Use light diffusors

If you have led panels or led lamps that give off a really cool and harsh lighting then this is certainly your best bet to soften them up, as they will diffuse any led bulbs from all sides creating a very soft spread of light without creating glare on screens behind you.

Light diffusors come in all sizes and bigger the better. Light diffusors have different varieties. Some spared the light while some can direct the light more preciously.

Soft boxes are commonly used to create soft diffused light in portrait photography. You can also use a large sheet of cloth or white paper to create the diffusion effect. This can save you a lot of cost also while giving almost the same effect.

Use light dimmers

Using led lights which are too bright can be a big problem, and you will need to find out how much brightness is required for your tasks. One of the most efficient ways to do this would be using an LDR (light dependent resistor) or led light dimmers.

This device basically acts like a sensor that measures intensity of led lighting and automatically reduces it when necessary by either adjusting voltage supply or resistance in case of AC powered leds.

By setting them at different levels, one has complete control over their workspace environment whether they want more intense lighting for drawing purposes or reduced intensity lightning while reading books etc.

LED device lamps too bright , What to do ?

Indicator lights are frequently built into technical equipment. LEDs can be found nearly everywhere, including in WIFI routers, chargers, and receivers, to show the operational status. Some of these LEDs are excessively bright and may even flicker from time to time. If this device is in your living room or bedroom, these gadget lamps will be extremely distracting.

Switch off status lights

There are a variety of settings accessible on different devices, such as routers or set-top boxes. There may be a switch that turns off the status lights completely or even a time period during which nothing should light up. By looking up whether your device has this option in the user handbook or conducting a brief online search, you can find out if your leds are able to be turned off.

Covering LED displays

LEDs that are brightly illuminated, such as those on the gear switches and in the instrument cluster, can’t be switched off. The annoying LEDs might simply be hidden with an opaque adhesive tape. When removing tape using tissue adhesive tape, keep in mind that residues may occur.

Darken indicator LEDs

One might not want to completely turn off or obscure the device light. After all, many status lights have a purpose and indicate the device’s current operating condition. The LEDs may be masked with a translucent adhesive foil, darkened with a black pen, or covered in dipping varnish in this situation. So nothing dazzles any more, yet the device is still clearly visible.